Rumor Mill: ETC Re-Release Express UPDATE

etc_ion_1kWe here at iSquint have learned of a new update to the rumors of ETC (Electronic Theatre Controls) next addition to their console line up. We previousely hinted at that ETC might be re-releasing the Express Lighting Console with a new design inside due to the fact that parts were becoming increasingly difficult to get.  We have now heard that ETC is planning to release a new addition to their Ion/Eos line up of consoles.

The first one being a smaller version of the Ion rumored to be called the Ion Jr.  While details are scarce.  We are speculating that the Ion Jr. will have half the abilities of the Ion 1K such as the ability to only handle 1 universe of DMX and half the control channels.   It is also heard that rather then purchasing a separate wing panel for subs, there will bee a set of dedicated slider built it.  How many, we would assume some where in the realm of 10-24.

The other addition to the Ion/Eos line is going to be a bigger brother to the Ion 1k.  While again, details are scares, we would assume that in might have double the capabilities of the Ion, but time will just have to tell.

The last and finally rumor is that ETC is expected to re-release the expression line of consoles with updated insides due to the fact that parts for the original design were difficult to get.

Again, thesse are all things over heard in the halls, and only ETC knows the truth.  We will just have to wait for ETC to make the announcement which could be as early as March.