#LDI2010: Sneak Peek at Lightwright Touch for iPad

Yesterday, you saw a sneak peek mention from Andrea about Lightwright on the iPad.  You read that correct, LIGHTWRIGHT ON THE iPAD!  John McKernon, the developer of Lightwright and Eric Cornwell the developer of iOS apps such as DMXCalc and Power Saver have teamed up together to bring what we have all been asking about, Lightwright on the iPad, Lightwright Touch.

Mr. McKernon was kind enough to take a couple of minutes yesterday to speak about the iPad app on video.  Check out the 45 second video Lightwright Touch running on the iPad. The app is still in development and is expected for release either later this year or right at the beginning of 2011. A price has still not been set or hinted at so stay tuned for more info.