MA Lighting Releases v2.1.0 [6.6] of grandMA2 Software

It’s the Holiday Season and MA Lighting has a special present for you, a software update to your grandMA 2 desk!  MA Lighting just announced the release of version 2.1.0 [6.6] of the desk software for the grandMA2, grandMA series 1 desk, grandMA 3D and the MA VPU.

One of the main features of the new desk software is the implementation of the brand new grandMA2 Remote App for your iOS devices. MA Lighting recently released their latest version of the iOS app for the new grandMA2 software and in 2.1.0, it is full implemented!

Some of the other features that version 2.1.0 [6.6] brings:

  • Partial show read
  • DMX Tester
  • Full configuration for MA VPU
  • RDM first implementation
  • Art-Net in / Pathport implemented

You can read more about the changes and updates in the software by reading over the release notes.  To download and install the new software, visit