Martin Has Even More Coming at ProLight + Sound

This week has been all about Martin’s rumored new control surface which is being officially announced next week at ProLight + Sound.  It all started with a little video and then some more details about the desk.  Well, it looks like that is not all that Martin is announncing next week.  They have a couple more things up their sleeves.

Fro the teaser intro on Martin’s web site, Martin claims that the competition will have to take this one laying down and will be shocked at the news. Here is a line up of the products Martin is preparing to announce.

  • 4 new moving heads in the MAC range
  • 2 new LED video panels
  • 2 new indoor & outdoor LED striplights
  • 3 new indoor & outdoor LED luminaires
  • 3 new controller solutions
  • 1 new Jem smoke machine

Add them up and that comes to 15 new products being announced at ProLight + Sound for Martin! We’ll just have to wait till next week to see what the other 14 new products are.  Stay tuned!