As Promised, #USITT2011 Day 1 Photos

I HAD AN AMAZING DAY!  That’s right, I am yelling that because that is just how amazing of a day it was!  I got to see so many old friends and catchup and see where they are and how they are doing. As well, I meet some bright up and comers into the industry.  I love USITT!  The excitement I see on the students faces and the willingness to learn and explore new things, I LOVE IT!  This is how I feel everyday about our industry and when I get to share it in person with others, it’s just makes my giddy.

Like I said, it’s been a great day.  Did a couple once overs on the expo floor and got to see a couple neat things coming out.  I’ll get more up about them individually.  But as promised, here are some photos from day 1 on the expo floor.