LEDs, It’s A Whole New Ball Game

LED-setRecently we have written about some LED replacement lamps such as the Elation 5w ELED, the EcoSense 5W MR16 LED and awhile ago, the Ushio Synergy MR16 LED lamps. But lets be honest, how do we accurately measure the light output of an LED lamp compared to a tungsten halogen lamp?

The old way of basing the light output by watts just does not cut it anymore.  Since most of the LED lamps that we mentioned above USE 4-5 watts of power, it just is not a way to gauge the output. So we have to find another way.

A friend sent us a link to a site called TheLEDLight.com which has a great article on how to accurately measure and compare LED lamps using Lumens, Footcandles and candlepower. Check out the article by Robert H (Doc) Bryant from www.TheLEdLight.com.