Update: ETC Rumor Gets Closer

new_ETC-concept_board.jpgIn the past couple of weeks, iSquint has mentioned a rumor about ETC (Electronic Theatre Controls) re-releasing the express console as well as a new design of the Ion board. After more investigation, payoffs, under the table deals and spy cams, iSquint has a confirmation from deep within inside Middleton that there will be a new lighting console announced in the next couple of months.

The details are still lacking as our message was cut off mid-interview as the powers that be realized that company secrets were leaving the building. The image to the left was snuck out of Middleton by one brave soul that wishes to remain anonymous. The image is of a concept of the long rumored express replacement board. The layout looks similar to the current layout of the Ion console only missing a few features such as the LCD screen and encoder knobs and most likely a few other moving light attributes as far as we can tell from the image. Our insider also mentioned that faders will be built directly into the board thus eliminating the need for fader modules. There was no mention of what operating system this new console will implement such as the express or Ion system, but our insider says that “the new console with firmly replace the Express [console]”.

We here at iSquint will continue our investigation with more snooping and hope to have information soon.