Student Lighting Design Competition, Stage Directions Magazine, Nemetschek Vectorworks, City Theatrical and Field Template have teamed up to offer one lucky lighting design student a prize package. The winner of the 2013 Student Lighting Design Competition will walk away with a Professional License of Vectorworks® Spotlight 2013 with Renderworks® software, a personal license of Lightwright™ 5, a single license of Field Templates SoftSymbols V3.5, a copy of Light Plot Deconstructed and Entertainment Design: Scenic, Lighting and Sound with Vectorworks Spotlight guides.

The rules are very simple: produce a lighting design with Vectorworks Spotlight with Renderworks and Lightwright.  The design can be from a theatrical, live event, opera, concert, what ever you want except an architectural design. The design does not have to be a realized play, meaning that it does not have to be produced in order to be submitted to the Student Lighting Design Competition.

But wait, you need VVectorworks Spotlight with Renderworks and Lightwright to enter the contest to win the very same software!  Easy enough, as a full-time student with an active and valid college or university ID, you can download a FREE* student version of Vectorworks 2013 with Renderworks to learn, use and produce the entry requirements for the contest.  Lightwright also offers a demo version that can be used for producing paperwork for the competition, which you can download here Visit to get a free student version of Vectorworks software.  If you live outside the U.S., you will be redirected to a local distributor in your country to obtain a student version.

For full details on the rules, please see the rules section.

  • Competition entries will be accepted beginning NOW.
  • Entries must be submitted no later than March 29, 2013.

The Student Lighting Design Competition will be judged by leading experts in the lighting design field and developers of the aforementioned software brands. Such as:

  • John McKernon – Lighting Designer, Lightwright Developer
  • Steve Shelley – Lighting Designer, Author, Mr. Field Template
  • Gregg Hillmar – Lighting Designer, Educator, Vectorworks Guru, Author
  • Kevin Linzey -Software Guru for Nemetschek Vectorworks
  • Kevin Lee Allen – Lighting & Set Designer, Vectorworks Guru
  • Justin Lang – Lighting Designer, Writer, Editor, Technology Geek

Think of this competition as a design review.  Entries will be judged on the knowledge of Lighting Design, use of software and USITT RP-2, Recommended Practice for Theatrical Lighting Design Graphics.  Put your best foot forward and show your talents as a lighting designer and your knowledge and understanding of working documents in our field.

There is only one winner and they will win the entire package mentioned above! The winning design and designer will be featured here on, and on Nemetschek Vectorworks’ news site, Plant Vectorworks.

Be sure to check often, as we’ll be posting tips and tricks to help you with your designs. Or, join the Student Lighting Design Competition mailing list below and get those tips and tricks right to your inbox.

*Local restrictions or guidelines may apply. Availability and access to the student version of Vectorworks software varies by country.

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