Are you ready? Remember, you may only submit one design and one design only with no revisions.  The design you submit is it… no pressure. ;)  Submitting your entry is easy. The main part, the zip file. Here are a couple of ways to send it in.

  1. Upload to your website and submit a link for download.
  2. Send us a download link through dropbox
  3. Use a file sending service like

Now the MOST important part, emailing us. When the time comes, email us at with the following information included.

  • Full Name
  • School
  • Mailing Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • include a note, we love notes!
  • OH, and that download link to you design entry!

We’ll send you back an email confirming that we received your entry and that you are all set!

Good Luck and Break-A-Leg!